Independent, Autonomous, Sustainable, Off-grid Building Design

Earth Build Academy

Sustainable Solutions to the Issues Facing an Evolving Planet.





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Systems, Designs and Construction Methods to produce off-grid, sustainable buildings that require zero fossil-fuels while providing modern amenities.






Over 30 years of experience in the field and around the world in sustainable design and construction. 




Gather the full spectrum of sustainable design and construction methods and techniques.




Receive an official Pangea Builders Certificate in Sustainable Design & Construction.



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Boost Your Life by Learning Skills in High Demand




Water & Electricity Supply, Waste Water, Heating & Cooling, Permits, Codes Regulations, Construction Methods & Techniques

Lessons You Will Learn



zero-fossil fuels

In progress
greenhouse greywater planter earthship biotecture

Waste Water Treatment System Maintenance

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In progress
WOM Water Organizing Module Electrical Catch Water

W.O.M. – Water Organizing Module

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